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HIC: Humboldt Internship Program

Humboldt Internship Program is an international short-term program for subject-specific, experiential learning. It allows participants to work with teams in research projects and university-related start-ups for three months.

  • Three-month internship positions with high-level work tasks
  • Research projects and university-related start-ups
  • On-site in Berlin or remote participation

Projects Lists:

Summer Term Internship

The Summer Term internships take place from May to August 2023.
The period may be chosen according to the availability of the projects and the students:

  • 06 May – 26 July
  • 20 May – 09 August
  • 03 June – 23 August
  • 01 July – 20 September

Registration for Summer Term Internships 2024 will be open from November 03 – December 10, 2023.


At the beginning of your internship, you will have to make a one-time payment to Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for enrollment (approximately 230 €). You will receive a Campus Card, which gives you access to all student services and includes a public transport ticket for Berlin.

Moreover, the following costs should be anticipated:

  •  Visa costs (if applicable)
  •  Airline ticket (Round-Trip)
  •  Health Insurance (approx. 80-100 EUR/ month)
  •  Accommodation (approx. 400-600 EUR/ month)
  •  Miscellaneous Costs (food, phone, internet, activities; approx. 300-500 EUR/ month)

All figures are estimates

You can find a helpful summary of the cost of living as a student in Germany on the DAAD website.


Scholarships for attending Humboldt Internship Program are not awarded by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, but by external funding organizations. The following institutions may give you information about scholarship opportunities:

  •  Your home university
  •  Organizations cooperating with Germany
  • Scholarship databases of your country’s Ministry of Education and other governmental institutions

Please also visit the homepage of DAAD to learn about various kinds of DAAD funding for international students. The DAAD Scholarship Database provides information on funding offered by other selected organizations. In addition to that, it can be helpful to contact the branch offices of DAAD in your country of residence.

Students can apply for scholarships awarded by Santander Consumer Bank. For detailed information about scholarship opportunities awarded by Santander , please visit the scholarship database Becas or contact the program coordinator directly.


To apply for an internship with Humboldt Internship Program, you must be

  •  at least 18 years old,
  •  fully enrolled at your home university for the whole duration of the internship,
  •  an advanced undergraduate student (at least second year), a graduate student or a PhD candidate.


-03/11/2023: Apertura del concurso.

-20/11/2023: Difusión del concurso desde la VRIDT.

-27/11/2023: Fecha límite para informar a la Dirección de Investigación, sobre la participación en el concurso, completando el Formulario de Iniciativa de Proyectos (FIP) a través del sistema SIVRIDT.

Video Tutorial: ingresar aquí

-30/11/2023: Fecha límite para enviar el Formulario de Autorización de Proyectos (FAP) a través del sistema SIVRIDT.

Video Tutorial: ingresar aquí

-06/12/2023: Fecha límite para enviar los documentos de avances del proyecto a través del sistema SIVRIDT (Carta de recomendación que debe firmar el Director/la Directora de la Unidad, otro).

Vídeo Tutorial: ingresar aquí

-08/12/2024: Plazo máximo de la VRIDT, para solicitar mejoras o ajustes a los proyectos.

10/12/2023: Postula aquí  below to register an account with our recruitment system (if you have not already) and apply online.

-24/12/2024: Plazo máximo para respaldar (subir) los documentos postulados del concurso en el sistema SIVRIDT.

Video Tutorial: ingresar aquí

Link Concurso:

Correo de contacto: For initial contact and questions about the program, please use this email address:

Amrei Vogel

Program Manager; +49 30 2093 46734


Correo para consultas:


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