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Humphrey Fellowship Program Professional Development Grant Application

The goal of the Professional Development Grant (PD Grant) is to strengthen alumni professional development by providing funding to attend a conference, workshop or other professional activity that continues to build upon the Humphrey Fellowship experience and benefits their home community.

The grant funds professional activities rather than research-based endeavors. Please include a detailed explanation of how this grant would offer concrete benefits to you and/or your home community. PD: Grants can be used for an activity anywhere in the world.

Humphrey Fellowship alumni are eligible to apply for a Professional Development Grant three years after their completion of the Humphrey Fellowship Program. Applicants must be residing and/or working in their home countries or regions. This is a competitive application process; only the most substantial applications can be selected for funding. Successful applications demonstrate clear project objectives related to the issue or challenge addressed, include a plan for impact, demonstrate feasibility, and focus on sustainable results.   

The maximum award is $2,500 USD with a required cost share of at least 25% of the total activity cost. Applicants must select a professional development activity occurring between April 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024 to be eligible.

Please apply here:

To learn more about the PD Grants, click here:

Please note, paper applications are not accepted.

Requirements for a complete PD Grant application include:
1. A completed Google Form Application
2. Letter of Validation from all sponsoring sources
3. Proof of Event Organization: Webpage, Brochure or Letter
4. Confirmation Letter for the dates of event, if applicable

The deadline for submission is December 22, 2023.  

Please send any questions you have to

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-22/01/2024: Plazo máximo para respaldar (subir) los documentos postulados del concurso en el sistema SIVRIDT.

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