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Research Scholar Program from Google Research

The Research Scholar Program aims to support early-career professors who are pursuing research in fields relevant to Google.

Applications are now open, here:

Submit by 11:59:59pm UTC−12 (AoE) Thursday, November 30, 2023. Notification of decisions will be announced by email in April 2024.

Award information

We encourage submissions from professors globally who are teaching at universities and meet the eligibility requirements. It is our hope that this program will help develop collaborations with new professors and encourage the formation of long-term relationships.

Awards are disbursed as unrestricted gifts to the university and are not intended for overhead or indirect costs. They are intended for use during the academic year in which the award is provided to support the professor’s research efforts.

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicants must be a full-time assistant, associate, or professor at a university or degree-granting research institution at the time of the application submission.
    • Post doctoral staff can only serve as a co-PI, not a primary PI.
  •      Applicantsmust have received their PhD within seven years of submission (e.g., applicants in 2023 must have received their PhD in 2016 or later).
    • We consider exceptions for applicants who have been teaching seven years or fewer and had delays, such as working in industry, parental leave, leave of absence, etc. This exception request can be documented on the application.
  • Applicants can submit one application per round.
    • Faculty can only serve as a PI or Co-PI per round. Applicants cannot serve on two separate proposals.
  • Applicants can apply a maximum of 3 times within the 7 years post-PhD.

Funding amounts

The funds granted will be up to $60,000 USD and are intended to support the advancement of the professor’s research.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Learn more about our programs and outreach efforts on our FAQ page:

Calendario interno

-01/11/2023: Apertura del concurso.

-14/11/2023: Difusión del concurso desde la VRIDT.

-21/11/2023: Fecha límite para informar a la Dirección de Investigación, sobre la participación en el concurso, completando el Formulario de Iniciativa de Proyectos (FIP) a través del sistema SIVRIDT.

Video Tutorial: ingresar aquí

-23/11/2024: Fecha límite para enviar el Formulario de Autorización de Proyectos (FAP) a través del sistema SIVRIDT.

Video Tutorial: ingresar aquí

-27/11/2023: Fecha límite para enviar los documentos de avances del proyecto a través del sistema SIVRIDT (Carta de recomendación que debe firmar el Director/la Directora de la Unidad, otro).

Vídeo Tutorial: ingresar aquí

-29/11/2023: Plazo máximo de la VRIDT, para solicitar mejoras o ajustes a los proyectos.

-30/11/2023: Postula aquí

Las postulaciones cerrarán el 30 de noviembre de 2023 a las 11:59 pm.

-22/12/2023: Plazo máximo para respaldar (subir) los documentos postulados del concurso en el sistema SIVRIDT.

Video Tutorial: ingresar aquí

Link concurso:

Correo de contacto:


Nov 01 - 30 2023
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