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This programme supports university cooperation projects between French, Latin-American, and Caribbean higher education institutions.

PREFALC provides a two-year funding scheme for the mobility of teams of researchers and lecturers from French higher education institutions looking to undertake master’s-level teaching placements in partnership with at least two Latin-American and/or Caribbean universities, in the following areas: the humanities and social sciences, information and communication sciences, agronomic and ecological sciences, physical and chemical sciences, medicine and human biology, mathematics, science of the earth and the universe, and engineering sciences.


  • a university cooperation programme that aims to develop exchanges and training opportunities between French, Latin American and/or Caribbean higher education institutions.
  • a co-financing which allows to support the mobilities of teacher-researchers for the realization of seminars and training modules of master’s level, clearly integrated in the French, Latin and Caribbean master’s degrees, and giving right to credits of certified hours (ECTS) or to a recognition of periods of studies.
  • a projects of a 2 years duration
  • a co-financing up to 25 000€ and up to 40% of the total of the budget.

Eligibility criterias:

  • A project must involve at least 3 institutions of higher education: 1 French and 2 Latin American or Caribbean from different countries.
  • It must contribute to the circulation of French teachers in Latin America, as well as the mobility of Latin American and Caribbean teachers in Latin America and in France
  • It must highlight the modules or seminars (number of hours to be completed according to the ECTS nomenclature and topics to be covered) that would be integrated into the master’s programme of the French, Latin American or Caribbean partner, in order to make visible the respective contributions in terms of content and methodologies. The partners must indicate the specificity of this module in any multimedia communication support used to promote their master;

The project must be submitted by the French institution, which will be the project coordinator through:

  • a project leader, based in the institution, who develops the content and ensures the scientific coordination and evaluation of teaching assignments  (Important: he/she can only coordinate one PREFALC project at a time)
  • an administrative managerfrom the International Relations Office who will be responsible for submitting the application file as well as for the administrative, financial, and accounting follow-up of the project in conjunction with the PREFALC team at the FMSH.


  • Call opening November 23, 2023
  • Closing March 28, 2024
  • Announcement of selected projects June 2024
  • Project start-up between September 2024 and January 2025


-23/11/2023: Apertura del concurso.

-18/12/2023: Difusión del concurso desde la VRIDT.

-04/03/2024: Fecha límite para informar a la Dirección de Investigación, sobre la participación en el concurso, completando el Formulario de Iniciativa de Proyectos (FIP) a través del sistema SIVRIDT.

Video Tutorial: ingresar aquí

-14/03/2024: Fecha límite para enviar el Formulario de Autorización de Proyectos (FAP) a través del sistema SIVRIDT.

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-20/03/2024: Fecha límite para enviar los documentos de avances del proyecto a través del sistema SIVRIDT.

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-25/03/2024: Plazo máximo de la VRIDT, para solicitar mejoras o ajustes a los proyectos.

28/03/2024: Plazo máximo para postular a través de la plataforma de postulación.

-28/06/2024: Plazo máximo para respaldar (subir) los documentos postulados del concurso en el sistema SIVRIDT.

Video Tutorial: ingresar aquí

Link Concurso: 

Correo de contacto: For initial contact and questions about the program, please use this email address: +33 1 40 48 64 94


Nov 23 2023 - Mar 28 2024
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